Zestora – The First Mobile App to Get Rid from Your Pain

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Zestora is the world’s first mobile app that helps you discover the best products to provide relief from pain. We select the best pain solutions from around the world and offer them in a single mobile app.

5 Special Reasons To Download Zestora:

  1. A nanotechnology treatment for osteoarthritis
  2. Home use pulse shortwave devices that repair damaged tissue
  3. Amazingly fast acting herbal anti-inflammatory nutraceuticals
  4. Regenerative organic complexes which repair worn out cartilage
  5. Salonpas and Tiger Balm at specially low prices.

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Zestora- The World’s 1st Pain Relief Mobile App to Help Live Pain free life

The Pain Relief Practice is excited to announce the launch of Zestora, the World’s 1st Pain Discovery and Delivery mobile app to help users regain a pain free life.Zestora allows users to discover special pain solutions, directly order and even have them conveniently delivered for use in the comfort of the home.

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Now Best Pain Relief Nano- Physical Product Available On Zestora

13221539_994049984018049_6005234085961869141_nZestora is ecstatic to be the first mobile commerce partner for a truly innovative drug free nanotechnology amalgamation for osteoarthritis.

It is offbeat as it does not suppress an active pharmaceutical monad but preferably works through a patented physical mode of action because it increases the level of bio-lubrication in the concerned joint. One of the features of OA is a depreciation in the level of phospholipids in the joint, normally found in the liquid around the cartilage. These phospholipids play a germane role in lubricating the joint and, thus, their deficiency contributes to the pain, stiffness and loss of function ingrained in OA. It targets this root cause of osteoarthritis pain.


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