Good News! New Locations To Collect Your FREE Sample of Regenerix GOLD

Regenerix Gold is a scientifically backed joint supplement developed with Hydrolyzed Collagen (Type II), combined with a special proprietary blend of 5 herbs renowned for their extremely potent anti-inflammatory properties.


For the convenience of people who would like to try a sample of Regenerix Gold, Zestora is glad to announce new partnering locations for our sampling program.

You can now collect a trial bottle (10 day supply) of Regenerix Gold directly from:

*Each outlet has been provided with 100 bottles. They are available only while stocks last so do hurry!

Who will benefit from Regenerix Gold?

Individuals suffering from :

  • Bone, joint, and muscle problems
  • Sports injuries
  • Long-term joint discomfort
  • “Wear and tear”

It is also highly recommended for people who want to maintain good joint health.

How does Regenerix Gold work?

  • Regenerix Gold contains a proprietary mixture of 5 traditional herbs with potent analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. This powerful blend counters inflammation. Inflammation often leads to “wear and tear”, joint destruction, pain, and stiffness.
  • Regenerix Gold also contains collagen hydrolysate which has been proven to stimulate chondrocyte (cells of joint cartilage) repair. Hyaluronic acid, another ingredient of Regenerix Gold, is often used by doctors for the treatment of joint pain.

Are there any side effects after consuming Regenerix Gold?

  • Regenerix Gold is found to be extremely safe with no reported adverse effect. In the very rare instances where you are allergic to any of the ingredients, it is recommended to consult your healthcare provider for further advice.
  • As a precaution, we do not recommend taking Regenerix Gold during pregnancy.

For more on Regenerix Gold, visit:

Collect Your FREE Sample TODAY!

The Pain Relief Practice

360 Orchard Road

#09-10 International Building

Singapore 238869

Tel: 6735 5368, 9337 6918

(Mon- Fri 9.30am – 5.30pm)

(Sat 9.30am – 12pm)



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